Dictator Martinelli will sign Cuba law

the freeloading good-for-nothings over at the National Assembly, have passed a law that is a sort of potpourri of something for everybody and things-we-were-thinking-about-lately. It includes the article that will send us to prison if we close a street protesting all the crap that comes out of the Martinelli dictatorship.

A white man running is an athlete, a black man running is a criminal…

Yes, dear reader, although the racist oligarch media in Panama may lead you to believe otherwise, "Ito" is nothing but a suspect in a murder investigation, just like Amael Acosta was a suspect-on-the-run in the murder of Vanessa Marquez - but they never labeled him a "delinquent" or "antisocial" because he is white and member of the elite. Same with Sherina Latorraca and numerous other examples.