FTA screwed – again!

In 2007 it was the PRD government of Martin Torrijos which, with the appointment of Noriega-era memorabilia Pedro Miguel González Pinzón as president of the National Assembly prevented the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) from being ratified by the US. Of course our new leader, SuperPresident Martinelli99, couldn't stay behind. And he succeeded!

Killer bitch sues websites

Sherina Latorraca first kills a 3 year old boy, gets off the hook because of her corrupt mother, is rewarded with a job at the Ombudsman office, sees her mother rejected for a position at the Supreme Court - and then sues a couple of blogs who call her an "assassin". Only in Bananama!

Panama will end tyranny of the left in Latin America

Panama is conspiring with other healthy right-wingers in the hemisphere to have that communist José Miguel Insulza removed as secretary-general of the Organization of American States (OAS) and replaced by a narco-mayor. And we've launched an attack against ALBA and Morales and his environmental summit too!

Todos contra los neoliberales

El 24 de marzo todos somos bienvenidos en el hotel Marriott en la conferencia "Panamá, está sucediendo ahora" para las personas que quieren invertir y enriquecerse aquí. Es gratis! Así que, ¡regístrate ahora con Bananama Republic a sumarse a esta conferencia! Lideres empresariales, aquí vienen los pobres!

Leftists claim Panama Canal directors suck

Nicolás Corcione Pérez Balladares and José A. Sosa Arango have a proven track record of dead construction workers and tens of millions of stolen dollars, so we think they are the perfect choice to govern the Panama Canal. But FRENADESO of course disagrees.

Varela the Mouse roars

Vice-president Varela warns the FARC for the last time! And wants his company to pay for carnival and getting people drunk, but not for ambulances.

Panama to finally lock up those kids

During the last two years there have been no less than SIX cases of kids under 14 years old committing serious crimes, so it WAS ABOUT TIME that Martinelli and his gang passed a law that will put an end to childly innocence and throw the little punks in jail to be raped and eaten.

How to screw up carnival

Panama City's Via España is empty, and one carnival hotshot after the other is being fined, brought up on charges, and it rains complaints. Carnival.... wasn't that supposed to be, ummmm, fun?