Martinelli amateurism causes chaos and violence

As much as Martinelli is the product of the internal rot of Panama's entrepreneurial and political class, the violence and shoplifting are the result of decades of ignoring Colon, of ignoring the fact that Panama has one of the highest differences between rich and poor in the hemisphere, of allowing massive corruption and exploitation.

Colon Free Zone protests turn into broad anti-Martinelli movement

What we're seeing is protest that goes beyond coercing the government into dropping its CFZ sales plans. It's no longer against one piece of misguided policy; it is against Martinelli himself, his accomplices, against the constant abuses, the broken promises, the violence, the unprecedented mega-corruption and the fact that the highest economic growth in Latin America has not done anything to close the gap between rich and poor.

Massive document leak Pronto Cash

We were in the middle of a server move and overhaul and kaboom! We got a big package. Documents, emails, pictures, all kinds of stuff, directly from the Monte Friesner Pronto Cash lair. And its contents are SENSATIONAL!