Is the White Tower washing black money?

This project has had 15 % normal sales completed since its inception in 2006/2007. The rest represents bulk deals with people associated with Merchbanc in Spain and four lawfirms in Panama creating anonymous holding vehicles for unknown owners. The project remains over 50 % unsold. It is hard to reach any conclusion but that substantial amount of money laundering is taking place.

Trump Ocean Club files for Chapter 11

Don't say we didn't warn you. Newland Properties, the developer of the embattled Trump Ocean Club in Panama - the most intensely hyped real estate project in the history of the country - is filing for Chapter 11 - and that is just one step from bankruptcy.

Great Metrobus showdown

The authorities say, "you can't". The transportistas say, "oh yes we can". And so we'll have an epic battle between the Metrobuses and the Diablos Rojos, back on the streets.