Martinelli fears being arrested?

Martinelli has cancelled a trip to Mexico and remains invisible now that Italian prosecutors and witnesses have revealed details about him and others receiving massive bribes from Valter Lavitola.

RIP Pronto Cash

Mission accomplished! Pronto Cash, the debit card scheme of fraud artist Monte Friesner , his fraud wife Tatiana Nazarova and their lawyer/director Herbert Young, is dead. Gone. Passed away.

Monte Friesner and the mafia

Monte Friesner, of the collapsing Pronto Cash scheme, saw at least three previous swindles implode because of Marvin Elkind, a chauffeur and goon for mafia bosses who became a secret undercover weapon for police agencies around the world.

PRD mud: Lewis and Lord Ashcroft

Lewis Navarro is business partner of one Lord Ashcroft, an important donor to the British Conservative Party and entangled in a myriad of financial and bribery scandals in Belize and the rest of the Caribbean.

PRD in mudslinging mode

Of course this is good news for Panama. If the PRD ceases to be a political force, we will finally have gotten rid of a group of delinquents that still celebrates a military coup and dictatorship figures in its propaganda.