Panama’s WAR on France!

Well, that's a first battle won by France right there if you ask us. Who wants to guarantee a loan by a bank as stupid as CitiBank for an even more stupid project - the metro - done by a government that will most likely just steal all the money and leave France holding the bag then anyway?

The Pozzessere Connection

Italian Paolo Pozzessere sold $300 million of grossly overpriced military equipment to Panama, while his son, Francesco Pozzessere, runs a group of companies with little visible activity or product at all - but they're all in bed with Security Minister RaĂșl Mulino.

Martinelli prosecuted in Italy?

With the Italian Finnmeccanica scandal rapidly expanding, the fact that Panama's president Martinelli is an Italian citizen as well may hold unpleasant consequences - for him. Take him away!

Sarko meets the Narco!

Isn't our indefatigable president just fucking sharp like a razor to see all those similarities and bring them to the table in France? How amazingly bright, no, to compare Panama with Dubai on a trip to Europe, which is very much exposed to Dubai's debt pile!

Friedman insanity goes 2.0

And now we have grandson Friedman, Patri Friedman, who is trying to launch a similar scheme in post-coup Honduras, albeit on a somewhat more limited scale. The Hondurans, who are, like Panama, "open for business", have amended their constitution to allow for "the creation of special autonomous zones exempt from local and federal laws".

Ricky’s bunga twitter chick apologizes

Turned out, he had not written that tweet. One of his bunga bunga chicks did. Her name is Amanda Lucci, she's Italian/Venezuelan, and she is a TV slut posing as a journalist at totally corrupt RCM television while allowed to play with president Martinelli's Twitter account when he is too drunk to tweet himself, after bunga bunga parties.