Fake rector sworn in

Trillionth term inauguration of corrupt diploma selling rector with fake doctorate is last part of test run for what Martinelli has planned for 2014.

Budget approved by “4 gatos”

The Martinellistas approved the budget for the next year without there being a quorum to even have a vote, because the legislators are all out in the streets stealing and pillaging and getting drunk except for Blandón who is making a show of how terribly upstanding and honest he is.

Don’t drink and Tweet

Martinelli got drunk yesterday and started insulting women through his Twitter account, and then he said he had been hacked because he couldn't remember anything.

Blandón destroys Jumbo Man

In between babysitting Bosco the Clown and dealings with scammers, José Blandón has mysteriously found the time to start a war on a TV cartoon character.