Casco Viejo Taliban kidnap Mir Rodriguez at zombie walk

Of course the third world pompous pricks that pass for "authorities" in our country had to cause trouble at the Zombie Walk, even though the event had the necessary permits. And so corregidor Jairo Morán arrested environmental activist Mir Rodriguez - and hardly any of the zombies lifted a finger. With video!

Martinelli ramps up war on indians

Five children were killed in Bocas as a result of irresponsible government and police abuse, an official report says. Yet, Martinelli is getting ready for another war on the indigenous people; this time in Ngöbe-Buglé over mining rights.

Assault on press freedom: After TVN, Bananama Republic?

We received word today that the prosecution will take a criminal complaint filed by Canadian fraud artist Monte Friesner to trial. But given the way the courts operate in Panama in press freedom issues, there is no way we are going to dignify their mad circus acts by attending their show trials or complying with any sentences. No offense, but there is no reason in the acting of the courts or the authorities that prompts us to take them seriously or recognize their authority any more than we recognize the authority of the baboons in the zoo.