Waiting for the Tsunanama

So, taking position on the Cinta Coimera for the best view on events as they'd unfold, we noticed our colleague and indefatigable fan Don Winner. He carried a camera and a stun gun; the first to look professional and the latter to defend himself against the sharks he knew would come hidden inside the now imminent freak wave.

Bringing down the war criminal Gustavo Pérez

It looks like Martinelli and his crowd will put their heels in the sand and stick with policy and a police chief that nobody wants. After the vulgar show of sacking the Attorney General this is yet another example that Martinelli lacks the qualities to be a statesman as he clings to his mistakes like a spoiled child.

The Lord of the Sword

Once upon a time, there lived this great liberator of Latin America, Simon Bolivar. And he had a sword. A magic sword. It could chop off the heads of enemies in one blow and would shine in the dark. Long ago, it used to be on display in Bolivar's house in Bogotá, now a museum. Then it was taken by the mighty forces of the M19. Then Pablo Escobar, Lord of Coca, put it on a wall in his bedroom. Then there were stories told by the elders that Commander Fidel Castro had it to ward off the hostile forces of evil coming from the North. And today, according to a video posted on the Youtubes, the Farcses have it!

Panama police gizmos don’t work, duh

The new electronic toys our visionary government bought for the police to check someone's record on the spot (they call that "instant verification technology"), don't work. Or better said: The toys itself work, but these geniuses have now found out that it's a sort of useless if you don't keep the data up to date.